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What are SolNauts?

SolNauts is a collection of 1,588 unique piece of 3d digital artwork on the Solana Blockchain. They are one-by-one designed by our artist without using programmatically generated, means 1,588 SolNauts = 1,588 Skins, developed over 3 months which makes them truly unique & limited.

What can my SolNauts do?

- Unlimited access to SolNauts VIP features for life.

- Airdrop of Gen2 Collection. (Launch on Q1 2022)

- Voting power / Proposals on SolNauts-DAO.

- Own all commercial rights to your SolNauts.

- More utility on future . . .

SolNauts DAO

Decentralized autonomous organization. Implement the bot for NFT ownership verification in Discord server, each NFT grants access to the exclusive SolNauts DAO community and voting rights over the DAO's assets. Our priority will always be Holder interests first.

SolNauts Fund

The collection of SolNAuts has 5% royalties and all of that will goes to SolNauts fund, where holders can decide / vote on how are we going to spend it for progressing the project.



Meet Our Team


Community Manager


Designer & 3D Artist




Marketing Manager



Which Solana wallets can I use?

- You will be able to use Phantom, Sollet and Solflare wallet.

When SolNauts available to mint?

- Public mint on 23 DECEMBER 2021 20:30:00 UTC. Mark your calendar!

Are there royalties?

- 5%, All royalties fee goes to SolNauts-fund, 30% for charity, 70% for project development.

Is there a whitelist?

- No, It's a fair-mint. But we are withholding 18 SolNauts for giveaway winners, and community promos.

How many SolNauts are there?

- There will be total of 1,588 SolNauts in the collection.

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